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Filby in Bloom - Walks Brochure

BID (Business Improvement District) is a levy now imposed by the Greater Yarmouth Tourism and Business Improvement Area (GYTBIA) on all businesses within the borough.


The levy is based on rateable value. It was introduced, earlier this year, after a postal ballot of those businesses and GYTBIA says the money raised will benefit all businesses by increasing local employment and local spend. However, the ballot attracted just a 19pc turnout, one of the lowest on record in the country, and more than 250 traders have continued to insist they were never sent information about the BID or ballot forms, and that the results of the vote were never published in accordance with regulations.


Notwithstanding this controversy, BID money is, now, supporting 30 projects promoting tourism in the borough and, in 2015, Filby had had a grant of £2,000 to help foster tourism to the village


Britain in Bloom Judges the previous year year had suggested a floral trail round the village and the production of a heritage leaflet.


A glossy 24 page pamphlet has been produced, Filby, History, Walks and Wildlife, using some of Filby’s BID Fund.


The brochure outlines Filby's history from being part of Doggerland in pre-history to the present day and contains some fascinating insights, including how the Broads were rescued from Algal infestation by one its most reviled residents and why the Greeb was adoped as Filby's logo.


At a price of £1, this is now on sale in the village shop and at the Bridge Restaurant, with profits going to village charities.

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