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Filby in Bloom - News - 11th December 2018


David Thompson

Sad to report, David Thompson, Deputy-Chairman of Filby in Bloom, died on Sunday 9th December, aged 88. Our thoughts are with his family. Obituary


Filby in Bloom

Work continues every Saturday morning from 9am. If you would like to help or get involved at any other time call Adrian on 01493 369250. Weeding, and general maintenance for the next few weekends. Meet at the Farm opposite the Post Office at 9am. The Baskets have been taken down and the begonias and geraniums saved. Work has started on the back bed of the Pound for 2019. 1400 Polyanthus have been priced out by Percy Hudson and David Thompson and 3000 Bulbs are ready for planting. Work starts now for 2019, starting with the back beds on the Pound are being revamped and a new planting area at Poplar Drive.  A Filby in Bloom Jigsaw is available from Filby Post Office, depicting sixteen pictures of Filby in Bloom. A new range of confectionary is also available with clotted cream fudge,shortbread,mint humbugs,chocolate chip and lemon crisp cookies. A range of Filby in Bloom Polo shirts are available at the Post Office. They are green with the logo, in small, medium and large sizes.


Anglia in Bloom

The results are in for Anglia in Bloom 2018. Congratulations to all involved with Filby in Bloom. We won the Best Village, today, at Bury St Edmunds with a Gold. We have won this 17 times in the last 20 years. We, also, won the Environmental Quality Award. Filby Bridge Restaurant and Filby Church received Gold Awards, and Filby School, the Pound and Filby Broad received judges' nominations in their categories. (Photographs from Ellen Mary Webster). All Results


Filby Primary School

Best Show garden! Not only did they capture a Gold Medal but Filby's Primary School and Little Blossoms Nursery's exhibit at the Norfolk Show, also, won best in show. The award was presented at the School's garden party, on 29th June. The children conducted an experiment by comparing crops planted in straw bales, in hay bales and in conventional soil. Vegetable and fruit plants are suggested to be about 25 per cent more productive in bales than they are in the ground. This can be attributed to more oxygen to the roots, together with unlimited water (straw is like a sponge and holds an amazing quantity of water) and nutrients. Added to this, heat from decomposition of the straw means that crops are produced earlier, the cropping period is extended later in the year and the produce is generally larger. Eclectic mixtures of vegetables (and some strawberries) were planted and the pupils are looking forward to measuring and tasting their produce later in the year. They are, also, looking forward to showing off their work, now returned to the school, to the judges as part of the village’s entry into this year’s Anglia in Bloom Competition. Pictures


Anglia in Bloom Autumn Seminar

7th November 2018 at Filby Village Hall. See photo. We have been nominated to represent Anglia in next year's Britain in Bloom competition.


Filby & District Gardening Club

Next meeting - Tuesday 8th January 2019, 7pm. A talk on Fairhaven Water Gardens. The Club meets, in Filby Village Hall, at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month. All are welcome. Those wishing to become members may pay an annual membership of £12. Guests are charged at £3.00 per meeting, redeemable against the subsequent purchase of a membership fee. Refreshments are free at all other meetings. Check the Filby Village Hall website for further details, look out for more information in the Village Life section of the Yarmouth Mercury or contact Caroline on 01493 369145 or Sue on 01493 369291. The Club now has its own Facebook page at  More information.